Publishing ID Numbers of Matriculants Will Put Them At Risk – IFP

IFPThe IFP in KwaZulu-Natal believes that by publishing ID numbers of matriculants in the newspapers will put them at risk as fraud and corruption is rife in this country.

“In these days with the high rate of crime, displaying anyone’s ID number is done at a huge risk to the person who it actually belongs to. We are aware of how ID numbers are used to open fraudulent accounts and even used in illegal marriages. I most certainly will not consent to having my child’s ID number displayed for all and sundry to have access to. The Department must rather publish the schools and the student’s Exam Number,” said IFP Spokesperson on Education, Mrs Thembeni kaMadlopha-Mthethwa, MPL.

“Not publishing names will do nothing to improve results. The Department should rather spend time and energy on finding ways of improving the results and the competency levels of the teachers. We want to see more improvement in training of maths teachers, better sanitation in schools and in eradicating mud schools not something which is not important,” continued Mrs Madlopha-Mthethwa.

“The IFP calls on the National Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga and her task team to tell the public what measures are in place to protect the ID numbers of the students,” concluded Mrs Madlopha-Mthethwa.

Issued by IFP

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