The EFF statement on first anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s passing – EFF

EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters marks the first year anniversary of the passing of Nelson Mandela. This is the first President of democratic South Africa and a world icon.

Mandela’s contribution to the emancipation of our people from political bondage remains a great heritage we are proud of. As a generation, Nelson Mandela and his peers chose a mission of attaining political freedom in their lifetime. This mission they pursued with determination and bravery until they attained it in 1994.

Mandela is also the brave and uncompromising leader who when faced with a government that knew only violence against an unarmed and defenseless people advocated for Mkhonto We Sizwe to be formed. Mandela was willing to lead an armed revolution to restore a country where black people can live without fear, prejudice and as fully human.

The EFF draws inspiration from his generation and is determined to pursue its mission with the same commitment they have shown. The EFF knows that Mandela’s statement that the struggle continues meant the struggle for the economic emancipation of our people who still leave in poverty, unemployment and inequality with only a vote that Mandela gave them in their hands. For the EFF this vote must now be used to give birth to a new chapter, that of economic freedom.

Mandela is truly missed, in particular due to his moral uprightness. He was a leader truly selfless whose leadership inspired confidence both domestically and abroad. The current leadership is trapped in dishonesty and does everything to service their individual interests. When faced with Nkandla, Marikana, Gupta Gate, and the many challenges of the current leadership, we miss Mandela the most, for we know under his watch none of these unfortunate and dishonuorable events would have found the light of day.

Nelson Mandela did all he could and the future is now up to us those who remain. For the EFF, there is no better mission than that of economic freedom. There is no better way to honour his legacy, to protect it and to advance it than to pursue the struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime.

The coincidence of history has joined this hero of the people in death with the birthday of Robert Sobukwe who would have turned 90 years today. It is well known that these two heroes of the liberation struggle stood on opposite poles in the ANC and PAC, ending up in Robben Island to pay the price for their militancy and bravery.

The demand of this coincidence of history is to reconcile them through a radical programme of economic freedom as espoused in the EFF Founding Manifesto. The EFF therefore remembers Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe’s birthday as we also commemorates the passing of Mandela.

We join all South Africans and the people of the world in saying “Long Live the spirit of Mandela, long live.” May his soul rest in perfect revolutionary peace.

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

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