Theuns BothaI enjoyed my five years as Provincial Minister of Health and I am thankful that we’ve had a very successful period in office

However, the media speculation of any sinister reason for Minister Mbombo and I swopping portfolios is unfounded and untrue.  It has got nothing to do with “Afrikaners, Afrikaanses or former NAT / DP composition” of the DA.

The fact is that I have been troubled with personal health issues recently which will unfortunately require me to be on sick leave for a period of at least two months as from the beginning of February.

For this reason I accepted the Premier’s offer to be shifted to the portfolio of Cultural Affairs and Sport. This portfolio will be less demanding although the very important Mass Participation and Development (MOD) after school programme will certainly be one of my main focusses. The MOD Centre program is one of the provincial government’s flagship programmes.

It is of utmost importance to our government when it comes to addressing the many problems facing our youth including gangsterism, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and keeping them off the streets and constructively occupied during after school hours.  I believe it has the potential to provide many opportunities to learners and the youth to life their lives to their full potential.

I am looking forward to tackling the challenges in my new portfolio.

Issued by Theuns Botha, Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport.

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