SACP Has Relegated Itself to the Status of An NGO – IFP

IFPThe IFP challenges the SACP to register as a political party to avoid being categorised as an NGO by many political intellectuals, since it has never contested elections under its own banner but relies on the ANC. This comes after Dr Blade Nzimande made insane utterances saying the IFP is in the ICU when he spoke during the commemoration of the 20-year anniversary of the death of SACP leader Joe Slovo, at the Avalon cemetery in Soweto on Tuesday.

“SACP under Nzimande’s leadership is politically “non-existent”, useless and irrelevant on the South African political stage. It has reduced itself to the status of a lobby group that secured patronage for its officials. Principles of the SACP have consequently been forfeited. Under his leadership the SACP has failed to improve the lives of the working class and the poor and never used the SACP as the mouthpiece in advocating for better living and working conditions of the masses it purports to represent,” said IFP National Chairperson, Mr Blessed Gwala.

“It has an almost fanatical obsession with shielding Jacob Zuma from accountability. The organisation that is meant to be the political party of the working class has become embedded in the state and its leaders have become nothing else but mere megaphones of neoliberal policies that the ANC government pursues,” continued Mr Gwala.

“We challenge the SACP to prove itself by formulating its own identity and contest elections and win seats in all three spheres of government as the IFP does and to stop being obsessed with the IFP,” concluded Mr Gwala.

Issued by IFP

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