ANCThe African National Congress hosted a successful event befitting a 103 year old and biggest liberation movement in the continent. This event confirmed the level of organisation and effort put, in ensuring that the movement does indeed make its mark despite many sceptics who thought the ANC would not succeed in filling the biggest stadium in the Western Cape.

We acknowledge the role played by all levels of the organisation, our leagues and alliance structures that touched every corner of this province in communicating the importance of this historic event, while mobilising our people to attend. We want to thank our members and supporters, the people of the Western Cape in particular and those coming from other provinces, to ensure that the ANC anniversary receives a befitting celebration. We thank religious leaders, civil society organisations, diplomatic corp, business fraternity and other invited guests for continued association and support given to our historic movement.

The ANC wants to single out the Cape Minstrels for the unprecedented association with the organisation against the backdrop of the failed endeavour by the DA led City of Cape Town to breed conflict between the ANC and the minstrels in their attempts to spawnconflict between the two. The Minstrels in their traditional colourful and organised formations added colour to our celebration and reaffirmed a shared history between the ANC and the struggles of the slaves during the period of oppression. We believe that the bond demonstrated on Saturday will continue to define cooperation, solidify and create confluence between the two strands of resistance centres in the Western Cape.

We were humbled by the Minstrels` postponement of their event as a show ofsupport of the ANC`s anniversary celebrations. The ANC has expressed its view that its provincial structures ought to find a way of continuing support for the Minstrels in this province.

As expected, despite awe-inspiring numbers of people attending the event, our people vindicated themselves as disciplined and well behaved members of the organisation. There was no record of ill-discipline and/or undermining of any laws of our country and this has justified our presented plan which indicated that the event would be peaceful and well run.

We are encouraged by how well the NEC statement was received by people who attended the celebrations. The feedback we are continuing to receive is that pertinent issueswere addressed in the interests of our people. We call on our structures to ensure that the message finds expression in their organisational work and programmes of action.

The ANC conveys its condolences for the passing of ANC member, Andile Vukuthuaged 38 from George Kerridge in Vredenburgwho collapsed at the stadium during proceedings and passed away this morning. The ANC has assigned the provincial leadership to give requisite support to the family including while the autopsy is being conducted.

Having hosted its National event, the ANC will continue to celebrate its anniversary in various provinces. All provinces are expected to hold their rallies in the next two weeks with national leadership as well as national officials being deployed to these celebrations. Provinces will further be required to generate programmes of action premised on the January 8th statement. These will inform the ANC National Lekgotla to be held later this month. Freedom Charter cadres fora will also be convened as part of unpacking January 8thmessage.

The ANC expresses it gratitude to the planning team for ensuring that it achieves a successful event despite a number of challenges that were deliberately designed to undermine the anniversary celebrations.
We call on the province to sustain the momentum generated by these celebrations to ensure that the ANC reclaims the Western Cape and all Local Government structures.

Issued by ANC

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