EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters held the 1st Central Command Team meeting as elected by the 1st National People’s Assembly on the 11th of January 2015. The primary task of the EFF 1st CCT was to process the report, resolutions and Constitution as adopted by the 1st National People’s Assembly before they are disseminated to all structures of the EFF and members of society for them to know and internalise what will constitute the strategic organisational, political and ideological programme of the EFF for the term of office of the current CCT. These reports were received by the CCT and will soon be distributed and explained to all members of the EFF though Branch, Regional and Provincial General Assemblies, and made available to all members of the public through various communications channels.

The CCT paid tribute to all Fighters and Commissars who played a role in the formative stages of the EFF until the successful 1st National People’s Assembly. We particularly appreciate the role played by various Ward, Regional, Provincial, and Central Command Team Members who played various roles in preparing the EFF for an elective NPA. The CCT also conveyed gratitude to the University of Free State for hosting the EFF amidst hostility from senior Higher Education department officials. The 1st NPA was a resounding success and will inspire many generations to come.

The 1st CCT also had to constitute committees of the EFF, and allocate specific tasks to individual members of the CCT. As per the adopted Constitution, the War Council of the EFF is constituted of the Top 6 Officials and 9 Members of the CCT who will also serve as Convenors of CCT deployees to Provinces for organisational and political work of the EFF. As adopted by the CCT, the War Council of the EFF, whose role is primarily the running of EFF affairs on a day to day basis is constituted of the following Commissars:

Commander in Chief: President Julius Sello Malema
Deputy President: Floyd Nyiko Shivambu
Secretary General: Godrich Gardee
Deputy Secretary General: Hlengiwe Hlophe-Maxon
Chairperson: Dali Mpofu
Treasurer General: Magdelene Moonsamy
Commissar Mbuyiseni Ndlozi
Commissar Leigh-Ann Mathys
Commissar Tebogo Mokwele
Commissar Veronica Mente
Commissar Tefo Mafanya
Commissar Mlungisi Rapolile
Commissar Nkagisang Mokgosi
Commissar Vuyokazi Khethabahle
Commissar Fana Mokoena

All members of the CCT have also been allocated specific roles and responsibilities and are obligated to develop policy positions and implementable programmes of action on the portfolios that they have been deployed to. It should be noted that the deployment of EFF CCT members into specific portfolios, roles and responsibilities takes into cognisance that the EFF is a Government in Waiting and should therefore develop elaborate and concrete programmes so that there is no difficulty of transition and familiarity when our movement takes over political power. The portfolios as allocated to CCT Commissars are as follows:

Commander in Chief – Leader of the Movement
Deputy President -Policy, Research and International Relations
Secretary General Office – Elections and Organisational Administration
Chairperson – Special Projects and Legal Affairs
Treasurer General – Fundraising
Commissar Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – Communications
Commissar Leigh-Ann Mathys – Stakeholder Relations
Commissar Mokwele – Co-operatives
Commissar Rapolile – Political Education
Commissar Matsetela – Minerals and Mining
Commissar Mokause – Social Development
Commissar Louw – Energy
Commissar Tseko Mafanya – Organising
Dr Susan Thembekwayo – Science and Technology
Commissar Khethabahle – Home Affairs
Commissar Lerato Dube – Tourism
Commissar Paulsen – Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Commissar Molefe – Justice and Correctional Services
Commissar Mokhothu – Environmental Affairs
Commissar Ntobongwana – Human Settlements
Commissar Mashabela – Basic Education
Commissar Mokoena – Defence, Intelligence and Police
Commissar Mokgosi – Arts and Culture
Commissar Mmathapelo Sowisa – Public Works
Commissar Sebolai – Water and Sanitation
Commissar Molaudzi – Transport
Dr Hlayiseka Chewane – Health
Commissar Mbatha – Higher Education
Commissar Matiase – Land and Agrarian Reform
Commissar Xalisa – Rural Development
Commissar Mente – Public Services and Administration
Commissar Rawula – Labour Development
Commissar Yunis Vawda – Local Government
Commissar Msane – Trade and Industry
Commissar Motsepe – Traditional Affairs
Commissar Ngwenya – Telecommunications and Postal
Commissar Collin Mkhonza – Youth Development, Gender and Disability Affairs
Commissar Dumisani Nxongwane – Public Enterprise
Commissar Marshall Dlamini – Economic Development and Fiscal Affairs

The 1st CCT agreed with the perspective that 2014 was indeed a year for the EFF, and further committed to make 2015 The Year of the Organisation, the EFF. What this entails is that during the course of 2015, the EFF will finalise building structures of the EFF across all levels of the country, concentrating particularly in the following areas:

In 2015, the EFF will establish ward based branches in all the wards of South African municipalities, and ensure that they all receive political induction and education.

In 2015, the EFF will establish the EFF Students Command, which will contest Students’ Representative Councils in all institutions of Higher Learning.

In 2015, the EFF will commence the programme of establishing the EFF Youth and Women’s Command.

In 2015, the EFF will lead radical and militant campaigns around all mining communities with the aim of ensuring that Mines play a leading role in the Mines.

In 2015, the EFF will lead radical and militant land redistribution programme, which will give unoccupied land to landless masses of our people.

In 2015, the EFF will make sure that Jacob Zuma Pays Back the Money as instructed by the remedial actions of the Public Protector.

In 2015, the EFF will table cogent alternate legislations on Minimum wages, banning of Labour brokers and many other aspects contained in our elections manifesto.

In 2015, the EFF will explore possibilities of establishing an internal bursary schemes which will take Fighters and Commissars to the best Universities in South Africa, Africa, and the world to gain knowledge, skills and expertise which will ready the EFF as Government.

This programme and many other activities of the EFF will continue to place the EFF as the only ideological and trend leader in South African politics. It is evident now that whatever the EFF does is copied by both the ruling party and opposition parties because we are a movement that has an innovative, cogent and fearless form of political engagement. They will continue to follow as we lead because we are a true movement of the people.

The CCT also agreed to encourage all Fighters and supporters of the EFF to attain formal qualifications on various educational and skills areas in the period leading to 2016 and 2019 because being Government will also require a dedicated, but also a skilled Cadre who shall fulfil all delegated responsibilities with excellence, expertise and correct knowledge. The CCT will explore ways in which we provide practical support to all Fighters who seek to pursue their studies and an announcement will be made once this has been finalised.

While noting reports that there is a possible Fifth Column in the EFF, the CCT holds the view that our organisation and movement is united and understand that there are few individuals who have not yet fully accepted that they were not elected into various Command Teams at Branch, Regional, Provincial and Central levels. We call on all members of the EFF to close ranks and unite behind the struggle for economic freedom and avoid the temptation of defining themselves outside the organisation.

The commitment made by the 1st National People’s Assembly that there will never be removal of any member deployed by the EFF still prevails and at all times the organisation will protect all members who respect its internal processes and are willing to be led by the elected collective. Those who define themselves outside the EFF are not a responsibility of the organisation, but free agents.

The CCT will over the next few weeks visit provinces of the EFF to consolidate our programme of action towards economic freedom in our lifetime. Our overall analysis is that our movement is on track towards victory of the progressive socialist forces and we shall overcome.



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