Zelda1.I want to apologize to everyone who was offended by my tweets this am, even my apology tweets got taken as me justifying me hurting people

I was called a ‘wit h**r’ by white people on 30 Dec for defending equality and democracy. And that’s what I will continue to defend.

I will say I’m sorry if it appeared like I was generalizing. As I said before, there are good people and bad people in all communities.

I will NEVER deny damage done by apartheid and colonialism.Let me make this clear.But we can’t move forward if we continue to blame past

…. And Headline on International flight: South Africa worst debt in 20 years. Rand softens. So….. Add that all

In one week this is what happens: Jan van Riebeeck comment, Max du Preez called a racist, FW de Klerk condemned…..

I don’t know why you are making such noise. I speak out when Steve Hofmeyr is being racist and will do so if anyone blames race for anything

You can call me names as much as you want. Optimism is a choice but difficult if you are reminded of yr skin colour and blamed for the past

I’m SICK of Jacob Zuma’s constant go at whites every few months. Why can’t we co-exist without it having to be at the expense of one another

White foreign investors must also stop making BEE partners rich. Jacob Zuma made it clear whites are not welcome in SA

Oh wait. Whites’ tax money is good enough for Nkandla but then you constantly have to be brutalized

Next time a white business man from the US or Europe brings investment with job opportunity they must be told they are not wanted in SA.

If I was a white investor I would more or less leave now. It’s very clear from Jacob Zuma whites are not wanted or needed in South Africa.

Tweets by Zelda La Grange, PA to former SA President Nelson Mandela


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  1. How balanced can such a powerful message be ? As if the last twenty years of murders,rapes,theft,corruption and general collapse of infra structure was caused by whites ?
    And do not forget the fact that whites is considered second hand citizens in the land of their birth over generations of contributions to build a world model country for all,yes,it was for all.It was for all in such a degree that some black people are longing back to the old days. No difference can be made while the ruling party is not only killing those who voted for them,but also stay in the past by by playing the blame game. You live in the past,you die in future. The current regime is creating a constant birth of hate,anger and disgust that will snowball.


  2. Zelda for President!!!!


  3. Politics is an extremely robust world. If you enter into it you can expect to be vilified. I am just surprised your over the top apology.


  4. Zelda, I cannot but agree with you and that is not racist!

    Fact is the 21 year experiment has failed. For the first time in Africa we all expected and hoped for at least reasonably enlightened and effective government along mostly westernised lines after 1994, due to the long presence and influence of reasonably efficient government over many years prior.

    Obviously one knew – it was so obvious surely? – that the new government would simply preserve what existed and build on it to massively expand services etc to all people – this was the hope.

    This has not happened Instead we have seen the destruction of much valuable infrastructure and human skills resources and an accelerating collapse into service failure, corruption etc etc.

    It is time for the experiment to be brought to a close before irreparable harm is done.


  5. Well said Zelda, such a shame they are busy undoing all the good Tata Mandela did, he must be turning in his grave watching the goings on, just read your book, wonderful 🙂


  6. You go Zelda we are all behind you, lets stop this beee rubbish and put the right person for the job. Look at sports, they demand more bee players in Rugby, but look at how humiliating it is to watch our Soccer team, maybe we should demand more none bee players in the team then maybe we will win some games. (Using BEE as not to mention race) Whites built this country up and Blacks broke it down, not very clever of them.


  7. Why apologize. It is the way it is and you called it out. No-one holds the “powers that be” accountable, yet we have to be accountable every single day for our actions. Yet we pay these “people” through our taxes, without stealing, murdering or fraudulent actions. More people need to be heard loud and clear and get rid of all these “fat cats” I can only imagine what this beautiful country will be like in five years – a dark hole on the world stage. And thats not a racist comment.


  8. I “like” the way you say “they” INGRID, fact whites are way too rich in SA and blacks are way too poor and whites will fight with every might of their power to defend the wealth to remains with whites and that this is ignored and treated as normal with comments such as why should we look at race when someone does good and is “successful” in life implying we must just look at it as we are all one while black children still celebrate still celebrate things like seeing a white person in the township, it is clear that this race still appears to be cleaner than everyone and its not because of their moral behaviours



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