EFFThe EFF notes the article in the Citizen today in which it is said that high ranking members of the EFF have confirmed that the Commander in Chief and President of the EFF is in talks with the ANC over a possible return to the former liberation movement. The article also purports that there is a rift between the CiC and the Treasurer General Magdelene Moonsamy. We wish to categorically state that this information is not true.

The CiC has already responded to the claims that they are laughable. In addition, we wish to state here that the Treasurer General has resigned from her Parliamentary duties to go and do her law articles. She remains the Treasurer General of the organisation and a committed economic freedom fighter. She is not at loggerheads with anyone and our movement believes her decision to go attain her professional qualification as an attorney is the correct one. The spirit of our leadership is undeterred in their mission to fulfil our generational mission of Economic Emancipation.

We believe there is no disciplined member of our organisation who would go to the media with such a story without clearing it with the organisation first, or they would at least go to the media with facts. We have no proof that our member and former National Coordinator Fighter Mpho Ramakatsa went to the media with such a ridiculous story. We are also not inclined to believe that such a decorated former liberation stalwart would stoop to that level. We note that the ruling party’s spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has also refuted these preposterous claims. We urge our disciplined members not to feed the papers with unfounded statements about our President, Leadership and our organisation in general. We also urge the media not to publish unfounded stories about our organisation as we deem this a deliberate act of sabotage. We believe in freedom of the media and flow of information, but irresponsible reporting cannot form part of such freedoms.

The President of our glorious movement is preparing to build a government in waiting as we enter the 2015 programme which we have outlined in our first CCT statement dated 12/01/2015. Our programme of Land Occupation is well on course in the Free State where the people of Iraq in Zamdela have decisively taken action in this program. Our Provinces have all reported their first PCT meetings in which they have outlined their programme of action. The roll out of such programmes will begin in earnest. In 2015, the EFF will solidify its space in South African politics with the CiC at the helm and a united leadership firmly in place.



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  1. The ruling party sent its zombies to fake membership in order to spy our liberation movement for them [ruling party], they must know THEY CHASE AN EAGLE WITH DOG,



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