ANCThe African National Congress has noted with great interest the opportunist remarks made by DA leader Helen Zille on the suspension of Mr. Anwar Dramat, Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (The Hawks). Repeatedly Ms Zille has spoken with what seems to be authority on a case she alleges Mr. Dramat was investigating relating to the President`s Nkandla Residence.

Despite statements to the contrary by the authorities on this matter, Ms Zille remains adamant of her intimate knowledge of what Mr. Dramat was investigating. Her resoluteness on this matter begs the question which we hope Ms Zille, Mr. Dramat and the Hawks will answer to the South African public on whether The Hawks or Mr. Dramat now report and account to Ms Zille on the work being done by the Directorate. We would further wish to know the basis upon which Ms Zille contradicts even the South African Police Services on the work carried out by The Hawks and Mr. Dramat. Failure to provide such important information can only lead South Africans to conclude that Ms Zille has an extremely cosy relationship with The Hawks who account her and even more menacing – a relationship with a state institution Ms Zille uses to launch and sustain political battles.

Issued by ANC


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  1. Nothing wrong if Zille relates with the Hawks. ANC can’t provide leadership and loots state resources and corrupt in general.Zille saves the justice system of this country from falling apart,while ANC acts in defence of corruption!ANC will always be worried when justice prevails,it is not about what Zille is doing or not!



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