EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters notes that since the tremendously successful 1st National People’s Assembly, there have been sustained media attacks on the EFF with the sole aim of casting aspersions on its leadership and the organisation as a whole. Under normal circumstances, the EFF would not respond to the attempts by enemy agents to destroy the good revolutionary image of the EFF in the media, but because some of these issues might be taken as truth when unchallenged, we should clarify them:


The Treasurer General of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Commissar Magdalene Moonsamy alerted the leadership collective that she in 2015, she needs to complete Articles as part of the requirements for her admission as an Attorney. From the 12th of January, Commissar Moonsamy started with this necessary and progressive endeavour and because such a task is full-time, she had to relinquish her role as a Member of Parliament.

The EFF Parliamentary Office has since accepted her resignation from Parliament, and submitted the name of Commissar Vuyokazi Khethabahle as a Member of Parliament representing the EFF. Vuyokazi Khethabahle is currently a member of the EFF Central Command Team and war Council and has been confirmed as a Member of Parliament by the Secretary of the National Assembly and she will assume her responsibilities when Parliament opens on the 12th of February 2015. She brings tremendous political and organisational experience as a ground force who previously served as the Co-ordinator of the EFF in the Eastern Cape and was until recently, head of Administration for the EFF Members of the Provincial Legislature in the Eastern Cape.

Commissar Magdalene Moonsamy remains the Treasurer General of the EFF, therefore member of the CCT and War Council. Like many professionals, she will balance her professional work with work of the organisation. The EFF is proud that consistent with the call we made, Commissar Magdalene is pursuing her studies and training to the next level.


As part of its internal processes, of course the EFF bought a VW Gold 6, which is part of the Assets Registers of the Organisation. The car was supposed to be registered with the Traffic department and they advised that as a political organisation, we are not eligible for registering the car. The car was therefore registered privately, while the organisation held all the rights to the car. The car belongs to the EFF and our Asset Register makes that very clear.

We are however concerned that media freely reports about vehicles and cars that are part on internal security arrangements and therefore compromising the security of the EFF. As an organisation, we have made enquiries and will continue to make enquiries concerning the registration of the car directly because in previous attempts, we could not be given an opportunity to do sp. We however would not use a car which was not registered with the traffic department. As we said before, the EFF has one of the best internal control systems and mechanisms and able to account for each and every cent at its disposal. We are an accountable organisation and will always do so with perfection.


It came to the attention of the EFF that a Twitter Account whose handle name in ANC TWITTER Branch has been spreading extremely dangerous and patently sick allegations and rumours that Commissar Mbuyiseni Ndlozi is attending a Court case for a rape case the ANC claims he committed during the EFF 1st National People’s Assembly. They claim that the reason why Commissar Mbuyiseni is on study leave is because he is attending to a Court case.

Now, the EFF dismisses with contempt the attempts of the ANC to damage the reputation of EFF Members through social media and networks. We have since recorded the tweets by the ANC, and will officially go to Court to seek compensation for the ANC’s desperate attempt to damage the good revolutionary posture and face of the EFF.

Commissar Mbuyiseni Ndlozi is on study leave, working on his PHD Thesis, and will come back as Head of Communications and Spokesperson on the 1st of February 2015. The ANC will never understand this fact because in their organisation, their leaders take leave only when they are attending Court cases for one felony or another. We are aware that attempts were made by Rapists and Sodomists from failed political organisations to instigate newspapers to write this nonsensical allegations about the EFF Spokesperson and were rejected because there is completely nothing of that nature and kind.

The EFF values education and recurrently allow its leaders to take study breaks to pursue education. If in other organisations, leaders take breaks for other purposes, it is not the case with the EFF.

None of the leaders of the EFF, the Commander in Chief in particular is in talks with the ANC. The formation of the EFF and its election to Parliament has revealed that despite the corruption, theft and venality that defines the ANC, it also lack the necessary political, ideological, technical and skilled capacity to transform the State and society for the benefit of all.

The ANC is an organisation and association of self-seeking corrupt individuals and fraudsters who are always planning on how much they should steal from the money that is supposed to help the people. The ANC is led by corrupt businessmen who are party to massive tax avoidance by big corporations. None of the leaders of the EFF will every associate with such an organisation and despite their claims after our 1st National People’s Assembly that they will be receiving EFF members in huge numbers, we still have not heard of a single member who left the EFF to join the ANC.


The ANC and Members of the media have been spreading a rumour that EFF Members of Parliament seek to disrupt Parliament during the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on the 12th of February 2015. This again is malicious because the EFF understands that Parliament should carry forward its duties according to the Constitution and Rules of the National Assembly. As we said before, the Rules demand that whoever is a President should answer questions at least once per term in the National Assembly.

In 2014, there were three terms of parliament and the current President only appeared for half a Question Session which was disrupted by the Speaker by calling the police and adjourning the house before the current President finished answering questions.

We have since written to the Speaker of parliament to convene a special Question Session prior to the 12th of February so that we can ask the current President questions and we are still waiting for a response after we wrote her the 2nd letter. If the Speaker does not convene Parliament, EFF Members will ask questions on the 12th of February 2015 and such is not disruption, it is called “ASKING QUESTIONS”, and Parliamentary Rules allow for questions to be asked. The EFF is holding the President accountable and not disrupting Parliament.


The EFF is however not shocked by all these smear campaigns against our movement because dogs only bark at vehicles that are in motion. The growth of the EFF will of course come with the fact that those who are opposed to our revolutionary political programme will bark, and we will move faster towards economic freedom. Naturally, growth and development also comes with Moulting, and some of the occurrences are a process of moulting, and we will be stronger.

Lastly, we would like to again remind members who still have our membership that they should desist from leading a smear campaign against the organisation because despite being counter-revolutionary, smear campaigns and spreading of rumours against the EFF is against the code of conduct of the organisation. We have written to some of these Fighters to ask them to desist from attacking the organisation, and its leaders and should desist from attacking the leadership of the EFF.

Despite all these developments, the EFF remains unshaken and will go ahead with the radical and militant programme for economic freedom.



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