SACPThe SACP has noted with serious concern activities which happened yesterday during the memorial lecture for the late comrades Joe Slovo and Jimmy Mohlala in Mbombela, where our lecture was disrupted and our members attacked by hooligans wearing ANC regalia.

The relationship between the ANC and the SACP has a rich history built through sacrifices and blood of a number of heroes and heroines who are no longer with us.

It is our view that no member of the ANC or its leagues should ever behave in the manner in which those hooligans did yesterday and as such those identified in the footage and by our District leaders should be dealt with accordingly by structures of the ANC.

It is important for all our structures not to be diverted by such tendencies on our mandate to build a strong Alliance capable of leading the poor people and the entire society. Discipline is an important aspect of the National Democratic Revolution, and as such our members both from the ANC and the SACP should lead by example in their conduct.

We will be engaging with the ANC National Leadership on the matter with a view to finding a solution as matter of urgency. Furthermore it is our view that our two organisations should make a joint visit to the Province, including National Leadership of the ANC, as part of a process to intervene and restore normality, and to rebuild a good working relationship between the SACP and the ANC in the Province.

We call upon all our structures to remain calm and give us few days to engage with the national leadership of the ANC. The line of march is that we should continue with our campaigns on the financial sector; on the fight against corruption; on building a strong and vibrant COSATU; and on the work to make our government serve the people with dignity and commitment.

Let’s remain focused to core tasks of the NDR, and let’s expose those elements who want to use our structures for their own personal interests.

Statement issued by SACP


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