FF PlusWhen medical parole is considered for a prisoner, as is the case now with Clive Derby-Lewis, the person’s medical condition should be the measure for his release and not his crime, Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the FF Plus says.

Dr. Mulder says the news that the medical parole board had again recommended that Derby-Lewis be released, points to the seriousness of his illness and it should therefore be welcomed for humane reasons.

“As in the case of Jackie Selebi who was offered the opportunity to die in peace surrounded by his own people, this last act of mercy should be awarded to any prisoner who is dying, regardless of who he is or the seriousness of his crime. The only criteria should be his medical condition.

“It should be kept in mind that it isn’t ordinary parole that is being considered here which would ordinarily be influenced by the family of the victim or other factors.

“When the minister takes his decision, he can use the Selebi and Schabir Shaik cases as guideline to not deny a sickly old man, as a result of double standards, the opportunity to die with dignity,” Dr. Mulder says.

Issued by FF Plus


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  1. derby-lewis medical condition should not be used as an excuse for parole, and we can not compare his case with that of Selebi and Shaik. those people yes were arrested but were not any close to being pointed to can harm even an ant in the society. they wer and are not threat or a danger to the society. Can you say that about Derby Lewis?. .No….so jst let him pay his price, even when it takes his last breath.



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