IFPThe alleged racially motivated attack on a Northern Cape pupil by four white pupils, using a mop handle and a toothbrush, is inexcusable.

“Recently, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi stated that “Hating someone for the colour of their skin or for where they were born is equally irrational. Both end in disaster”. This is a classic example of what he meant because these children did not grow up in a vacuum and they learnt how to judge and hate other racial groups from the environment they grew up in. Clearly racism is alive and well and many parts of our country” said IFP spokesperson on Education Mr Alfred Mpontshane (MP).

No measure of justification can be used to defend the actions of these boys on one of their schoolmates, especially when they do not show any measure of remorse.

“It is unacceptable that a teacher attempted to justify their actions. The boys were acutely aware of their actions and that they were causing bodily harm to another human being. They not only deserve to be expelled – the law must also be allowed to take its course and they must pay for their actions” said Mpontshane.

“The continued humiliation of the boy despite prefect intervention shows that they are in no way ashamed of their actions or remorseful. The school authorities cannot allow this to stand. Otherwise the wrong message is being sent out not only to the other pupils, but also to the community at large” said Mpontshane

Issued by IFP


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