Cope LogoNOTICE OF MOTION – RULE 135 of the Northern Cape Legislature

The recent flooding in the Kimberley area; the veld fires that often ravage parts of the province and the storms in Pella a few months ago, brings to sharp focus the urgent need to reflect on the state of readiness of the provincial government and local municipalities to respond to disasters.
The Disaster Management Act places an obligation on all spheres of government to prepare, mitigate and respond efficiently and effectively against disasters. Scientists and government itself have been warning against the effects of climate change and the possible impact disasters may have on lives, property and the economy of the nations.
There has been concern from the general public about the slow or nonexistent response from government authorities on disasters that afflict communities ranging from the response time of an ambulance or a fire engine to big fires that have caused tremendous damage on the farming community.
I move that the House debates the implementation of the Disaster Management Act and the state of readiness of government authorities in the Northern Cape province to respond to disasters.

O.P. Dikgetsi.
Issued by Congress of the People


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