EFFThe EFF will never lose a case about its historic National Peoples Assembly

The Economic Freedom Fighters has seen media reports that the Gang of Four has filed court papers to challenge the legitimacy of the First National Peoples Assembly that took place last year December in Mangaung. This historic meeting saw the first democratic election of the leadership of the EFF and adoption of key founding policies and programs for the attainment of economic freedom in our life time (see EWN report).

The EFF has however not received any papers relating to the court process instituted by the Gang of Four. Nevertheless, when we do receive papers, the EFF shall respond and all fighters and South Africans can be rest assured that the EFF will win this case. The EFF has no history of losing cases about its internal democracy, processes and policies, even in interaction with other forces in society, and it is not about to start losing now.

The disciplinary action against the Gang of Four continues. The hearings have since began yesterday and will continue until they are properly concluded and as and when the National Disciplinary Committee sees fit, it shall communicate to the public.

No one can stop an idea whose time has come. The EFF is here to stay and the outcomes of the National Peoples Assembly shall prevail because they were democratic, and a reflection of the will of branches of the EFF.

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters


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