ANCMail & Guardian has dropped any veneer of objectivity and honesty

The African National Congress has noted the uncontrollable and insatiable desire of the Mail and Guardian to discredit the ANC and its leadership at all costs and by whatever means possible. Over an extended period of time, the newspaper has gone out of its way to present gossip, rumour and innuendos as fact; disregarding the important principles of the very Press Code they are quick to want to be seen to be upholding – a founding provision of which is enabling citizens to make informed judgments on the issues of the day based on reliance on a credible and trustworthy press. It has become apparent that the Mail and Guardian no longer holds in high esteem objectivity, striving for the truth, honesty and fairness – last week`s story entitled “ANC wants SABC to show Zuma more love” is a case in point and merely one of many examples that we have observed as a trend that confirm our view of a Mail and Guardian that has firmly positioned itself as an antagonistic force; opposed to the ANC and its leadership and intent on its weakening and destruction through a campaign of misinformation and stories that are not only baseless but outright false. The paper has decided to drop its mask and lose any veneer of objectivity and honesty.

At no point will the African National Congress ever be apologetic about engaging comrades in the movement on the need to sharpen our engagement in the battle of ideas. We have a responsibility, which we shall never shirk, to engage and influence society in line with our socio-economic transformation project to create a united,non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa. In the process of undertaking this historical mission, we will from time to time encounter opposition to change. Amongst others, such opposition will seek to hide behind the guise of self-regulation and press freedom. As such, they will act with absolute disdain and impunity against the forces that shape society that they are meant to independently and objectively scrutinise and report on. They will act with abject disregard for fairness and objectivity knowing full well there shall be no consequences – even the Ombudsman and his rulings do not deter them against their behaviour. Clearly, the Mail and Guardian has positioned itself as a propaganda pamphlet not only in opposition to the ANC but the democratic state; we have accepted this and are prepared to engage with them as such.

Issued by ANC


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  1. hahahaha they mail and guardian must stand in line. the ANC is doing a pretty good job of discrediting itself thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!



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