Congress of the People is very much disturbed with this malicious and senseless attacks on the public protector .

It is our view, when an office such as this of the public protector is under attack, then we must know that our democracy is serious under threat.

Not long-ago Adv Thuli Madonzela was branded as a CIA spy by the Deputy minister of Defence. No this latest attack from faceless sources,who also claim she is a CIA spy.

Cope wants to challenge anybody who make this allegations to come forward with proof and evidence. For now we view these allegations as Malicious and baseless .

It’s not a secret that there are people who are working day and night to remove Adv Madonzela from her position .

Cope wants to assure the Public Protector that we have full confidence and trust in her and the office.

We call upon all South-Africans to rise up, and defend our Public protector and our democracy.

Issued by COPE


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