Cope LogoPresident Zuma must indicate when he is going to pay back the money.

Congress of the People demands that tomorrow, when answering questions, President Zuma will answer the burning question of when he will pay back the money illegally spent on his private residence in Nkandla .

The Public Protector in her report found that the President and his family unduly benefitted from what was meant to be security upgrades at his private residence but exceeded security parameters. The report was very clear that President Zuma had to pay back a portion of the money.

COPE expects that he will demonstrate tomorrow that he respects the constitution of our country, and accordingly respects the office of the Public Protector. We believe that the President can defuse the tense situation in Parliament that he and the Speaker have created, by simply answering the outstanding question: when is he going to pay back the money.

We hope that Speaker Baleka Mbete will act impartially as befits her office and will not act in a partisan manner to shield the President who is accountable to the National Assembly.

The country and the world do not want to see a repeat of what happened on 12 February when armed security personnel who are commanded by the executive invaded Parliament to physically assault, violently manhandle and forcibly remove Members of Parliament. Some of them landed up in hospital.

For further information please call

Dennis Bloem

Issued by Cope


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