ANCDA reincarnates the dompas in the Western Cape

The DA run Breedevalley Municipality in the Western Cape is reintroducing the dompas system in South Africa. The dompas, apartheid South Africa`s most demeaning instrument of racial segregation, sought to ensure that the movement of black people was limited and that certain areas were to be protected as the sole reserves of white South Africans – this is exactly what is happening in the suburb of Worcester where gardeners are forced to carry the dreaded green pass in order to gain access to employment and opportunity. The facade created of the cards being used as a “security system” is a reincarnation of the swaart gevaar – it is obvious that it is only black men looking for jobs who must carry the card and nobody else in the neighbourhood – sending a clear message that blacks are dangerous and not to be trusted unless vetted by the white man. When it comes to the DA and the protection of white privilege, the more things change they more they stay the same. Despite their loud denials, proof is presented that where the DA governs every effort will be made to return us to apartheid.

The African National Congress condemns this violation of basic human rights in the harshest terms possible. We will also be lodging a complaint with the Human Rights Commission to urgently investigate these transgressions. Members of the SAPS are called upon to uphold the Constitution which guarantees all freedom of movement and not to allow the racist bigotry of the CPF and the DA run Municipality to trample these freedoms our people fought for.

Issued by ANC


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