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Tinyiko Sam Maluleke’s essay, Urban Black Townships – a challenge to Christian Mission, is a challenge to all of us.

Quoting Mongane Serote, Maluleke points out that “townships and their not so distant cousins – squatter areas – remain, for better or for worse, containers of the largest number of people in most South African cities.” As such, he says, we must take account of them as an “odd mixture of death, squalor, poverty and community”. To meet the challenge, we are urged to “come face to face with township issues – good, bad, wholesome, disgusting and debilitating”.

COPE, as a patriotic opposition, urges all patriots who care never to “wash the township off our skins.”

COPE, taking Maluleke’s message to heart, calls on mayors, premiers, ministers and the President to walk the township streets to see, first-hand, the uncollected trash, the litter, the overflowing sewerage and the uncovered drains which impugn the dignity of all those who live in townships.

Failure to fix these must require the offending mayor to forfeit a month’s salary for every month the problem remains unaddressed in a given township.

For further information contact

Mosiuoa Lekota

Issued by COPE


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