Lynne BrownMinister Lynne Brown regarding the decision by Eskom Board

I addressed the Eskom Board yesterday, sharing my concerns, fears and frustration about the state of affairs at the State-Owned Company.

As shareholder Representative, I am concerned about the instability at power plants; the financial liquidity of the utility; the lack of credible information; the unreliable supply of electricity and its dire impact on our economy; progress with the build programme; overruns at Medupi and Kusile; delays of the investigation into incidents at Majuba and Duvha; and the issue of coal and diesel pricing.

I welcome the Board’s decision to launch a comprehensive and holistic audit into the matters as highlighted.

In my view it should be deeper than a mere fact finding exercise and it should be deep-dive into the company to tell us what is wrong and how it should be fixed.

Since the start of load shedding, I have been inundated with complaints from the public and business about the reliability of the grid and its impact on the economy and the lives of ordinary men and women..

I have been assured that the audit investigation would not take longer than three months and that it is not directed at any particular individual or group but that it merely seeks to ensure that the current challenges faced by the utility are addressed.

Issued by Lynne Brown

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