The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns the racist anti-black and self-hating remarks of President Zuma – EFF


The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns the racist anti-black and self-hating remarks of President Zuma that poor South Africans are lazy particularly because whites are not in control. Zuma, who was addressing a SALGA meeting said, “People don’t work fast, people say they are free. The white man has left, they are now free.” He then went on to say that he wishes he was a dictator then he would stop some of the government services to the poor like low cost housing. Zuma believes the free provision of low cost perpetuates laziness amongst the poor, whom he claims do not want to do anything for themselves.

Jacob Zuma does not realise that if South Africans had quality jobs, then they would not need his low cost houses as they would build their own. He also does not realise that it is because of his neoliberal policies which protect and advance private capital at the expense of workers that people are subjected to conditions they find themselves in.

Zuma’s government demonstrated its commitment to private capital by only raised taxes on the poor and middle class by increasing personal income tax, fuel levy and electricity levy but left corporate tax untouched. Above all, when workers in the platinum mines who work hard demanded a wage increase, Jacob Zuma’s government sent police to massacre them.

Zuma’s comments that blacks work slow and are lazy because they do not work for whites reflects an anti-black and racist mentality that is consistent with dictatorial attitudes. That is why he says he wishes he was a dictator so he can punish the poor by not giving them houses as government does today.

If our people had quality jobs they would not depend on his government for social grants. If President Zuma was not corrupt, taking millions of state money to build cattle kraals, chicken run, swimming pool and an entertainment theatre, then no one would blame him. If Jacob Zuma was honest, demonstrated by his preparedness to pay back the money unduly spent in Nkandla, then no one would blame him.

Jacob Zuma’s utterances are an admission that the ANC has run out of ideas on how to resolve the problems of poverty, unemployment and inequality that face our people. His utterances are a reflection that he is suffocating in office and resorts to blaming the poor for the apartheid-poverty his government has worsened. The poor are the ones who clean his house, his government offices, including Luthuli House. Zuma is ungrateful. The poor are the foundation of the construction, mining, agriculture, and all other sectors in the economy, including public servants who serve his government. To call them lazy is not only racist, but reflects self-hate since he himself is black.

Only a government that believes in our people and does not speak down at them can uplift their conditions. Only a government which cares will be able to transform the poor and help them realise the genuine dream of freedom which now Zuma ridicules as a “fantasy”. To all the poor, the EFF sends a strong message of support, that they should know the organisation that will defend and advance their interest exists and that is the EFF.


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