Ivan MeyerThe DA condemns ANC acts of pure criminality, in broad daylight on the streets of the City of Cape Town yesterday.

Images today show an ANC t-shirted member robbing and assaulting a patron at a City restaurant, during yesterday’s Ses’Khona looting parade.

These images expose the ANC and Ses’Khona as bedfellows in a campaign of crime and destabilization.

It is disgraceful that ANC branded members committed crimes on our streets, including the theft of personal belongings from restaurant patrons and looting of small businesses.

This is a new low for even the ANC, whose disrespect for the rule of law increases every day.

It is pure hypocrisy that an ANC t-shirt branded with words of “selfless struggle” is worn in the commission of a theft; a crime of pure selfishness.

The DA welcomes an announcement yesterday that the Western Cape Government has requested the SAPS to study CCTV footage and to identify the criminal perpetrators. The DA calls on the SAPS to act swiftly in arresting suspects.

We will not allow the ANC to bring their criminal acts to our streets.

This thuggery will not be tolerated where the DA governs.

Article by Ivan Meyer


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  1. I live in a “Coloured” community and the wearing a politically branded T-shirt does not necessarily mean the wearer supports or belongs to that party. It’s merely a piece of clothing.

    Now if I wear my DA T-shirt I personally am showing my support for them an I would never wear an ANC one.


  2. If the DA no longer recognises a demoicratically elected speaker in Mbete who then doesn’t respect rule of law and the constitution? DA is clearly hypocritic and undermines the wish of the majority and overarching principles of constitution and democracy.


    • Actually they do recognize her and have done so at every sitting of parliament. They have called for her to step down due to her lack of impartiality but until such time as she relinquishes the post of speaker they will continue to recognize her. Please speak accurately Lebohang.


  3. When a criminal is democratically elected by thugs and a disrespectful majority doesn’t mean he or she has the right to be unjust LEBOHANG. Democracy doesn’t mean silence in the face of thuggery, a bush mentality nor criminal ideologies. When the rule of law is not even respected by our so-called president does that mean the law abiding minority must suffer in silence? If that is what you are thinking, I suggest you change your mindset and the sooner the better!



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