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The comments by Gwede Mantashe, the Secretary General of the ANC, at a meeting last night in KZN reveal that the expulsion of Zwelinzima Vavi has rocked the ANC.

For the first time the ANC has openly admitted that there is a split in COSATU and that it is having a direct impact on the ANC.

Mantashe said that the COSATU split will have a far more serious consequences for the ANC than the breakaway of COPE in 2008. He conveniently forgot to mention the split of the EFF from the ANC.

This is a clear sign that the ANC is sensing that its time to govern this country is nearing the end.

It was not an easy decision for us in COPE to leave when we did. It was a principled decision, however, based on our knowledge that the ANC was irrevocably moving in the wrong direction. Subsequent events have vindicated our decision to leave the ANC and establish COPE.

We were brave enough to say to the ANC and the whole world that the movement led by luminaries such as Chief Albert Luthuli, OR Tambo, Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela had now lost direction.

We said then that the ANC had been hijacked wolves in sheep’s skins. The new people at the head of the organisation had totally forgotten about the founding principles of the ANC. Instead they have decided to abandon the country’s constitution and the rule of law

Cope recognises that workers of the country have begun to see through the hypocrisy of the ANC. Such enlightened workers are refusing to stay on as voting fodder. They are determined to choose where to give their votes. This is a watershed in the history of the labour movement in our country.

COPE has advocated, from its inception, that labour unions should remain independent of political parties so that they reserve to themselves the right to choose which policies and which party best meets their expectations.

Now that Mantashe has publicly admitted there is a another split in the ANC led alliance, he must have the honesty and courage to accept that he and the ANC president Jacob Zuma bear responsibility for what is happening.

Dennis Bloem

Issued by COPE

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  1. the expulsion of Vavi will have adverse effect in the near future for ANC


  2. We are wait for change to come to suspend Vavi just before the election in fear that he will start his own party…Vavi we are waiting on your new move



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