President Zuma simply must prioritize the Marikana orphans, the unemployed workers and unemployed youth when he thinks of expending state resources.
He and his cabinet must stop thinking about what luxuries they should be overloading themselves with.
Congress of the People condemns government for considering an expenditure of R2 billion to acquire new VIP jets at a time when the country is experiencing a cash deficit and our borrowing continues to spiral ever higher.
South Africa is on the verge of reaching bankruptcy and facing severe and prolonged hardships of the type that Greeks are unfortunately experiencing today.  It is this attitude of unconstrained expenditure by the president and the cabinet that encourages someone like MEC Majodina to copy the President and freely spend R15 000 of taxpayers’ money on five lunches when going abroad.
Congress of the People once again calls on the central government to take heed of the dire financial situation that the country is facing and not to spend unrestrainedly and thereafter subject people in our country to steep taxation that they will have to bear for generations to come.
We certainly don’t need to purchase new VIP jets.
Mosiuoa Lekota, COPE President
Issued by COPE

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