ANCANC supports calls for accelerated transformation

Over the last couple of weeks South Africans have been engaged in debate over the calls for the removal of statues celebrating figures who played prominent roles in our country`s colonial and apartheid racist past. The statues and other such symbols are tragic reminders of a divided and exclusionary South Africa which oppressed the black majority. The reality that was colonial oppression and apartheid subjugation cannot be wished away nor their memory erased. Collectively, we have a responsibility and obligation to never forget, lest future generations were to repeat the mistakes of the past. Robust dialogue, prompted by the #RhodesMustFall campaign by students at the UCT, has ensued around our efforts at nation building, reconciliation and most importantly the glaring and blatant lack of transformation at many of our institutions.

The calls for Rhodes and other statues to fall are a symptom of the underlying problem of a lack of transformation in the institutions and in society in general. Twenty one years into democracy transformation can no longer be negotiated. The ANC unequivocally supports the calls of students for accelerated action to drive change. For too long, deep seated and institutionalised resistance to transformation has been the hallmark of many sections of our society and this untenable situation must change. South Africa must continue to engage on how best we preserve this painful history so that we never forget in support of our young democracy. We must also debate the meaning our different people attach to these symbols. As a nation we must find each other, in the absence of emotive racial polarisation, to build and unite around symbols that are an embodiment of the values and ethos of a democratic South Africa and the overarching principles of reconciliation and a common nationhood.

Issued by ANC


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  1. one statement I agree with, wholeheartedly.


  2. I agree and disagree with many of the comments posted.

    ccorruption is th core issue, we as a people must stand together against our leaders as it is us who have given them this power over us. We need to have all and I mean ALL of them removed at our next elections and start fresh with a new government.

    policies need to be enforced and potential leaders need to be investigated to confirm their education.

    Payouts need to be made to people with information that leads to conviction of politicians and police officials after this we can move forward in building our new nation as Nelson Mandela intended.

    What pains me is that some black south african people paint all white south africans with the same racist brush, they do not see the racist actions taken against us afrikaans whites.

    Why not change all street names associated with Rhodes too AND not to an african name that’s just racist make it something meaningful or at least something that means nothing to anyone like ‘stone’ or table streets ‘

    sad that race issues get Resolved with racist methods let’s rub it in the whities faces and make it Malema street’

    Yes I said it that’s the order of the day with our current government.

    No more ANC no more DA No more EFF they must all go!

    VViva Mbeki for president



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