CosatuZille`s departure good for democracy


The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Western Cape argues the departure of Madam Hellen Zille is good for democracy.


Helen Zille was pushed out after reaching her height of incompetence in the leadership of the DA. The growing erratic behaviour of Zille had been more pronounced over the last few months.


Talk in the party about her being removed as National leader has been ongoing for a while. The banning of the purchase of newspapers that did not report favourably on the DA in the City of Cape Town was the last straw.


The fact that the media turned against her as a result of this act, with her being named, Mampara of the week, spelled the end. In many respects the media had made Helen Zille and now their departure from her corner is her undoing.


The next step in the rumour mill is removing her from the leadership of the Province of the Western Cape. The fact that she is intent on defending white generational advantages has been exposed in many areas of Governance.


Helen Zille had in many respects reached her height of incompetence. She has shown herself to be a largely ineffectual leader.


She has been unable to deliver a programme and inspirational message that galvanised a constituency. The DA has largely benefited from anti ANC sentiments, with Zille’s anti ANC message being all she had to offer.


The leadership was also lacking when she was called upon to deal with tensions and ambitions in a growing diverse party.


She became embroiled in leadership contest instead of providing the required leadership. For the sake of the opposition and democracy in South Africa, we need an opposition leadership that is a bit more than just anti ANC venom. At some points in governance the opposition has to find ways in which to work with the governing party, Zille’s personality is anti that possibility.


Democracy would move forward in a more constructive manner with a black leader of the DA, who is able to cooperate in spite of differences. The purpose of opposition is not to drive a wedge between our people but to present different perspectives on the challenge that we face, an area that Zille could not quite execute.


Issued by COSATU Western Cape


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