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Congress of the People learns with growing dismay that yet another, very senior and high-profile police officer is facing court action on charges of corruption and racketeering. Western Cape Provincial Commissioner Arnold Lamoer and three other senior officers were allegedly involved in criminal activity and are being brought to book.

When our police officers are facing serious charges of corruption and racketeering, we are compelled to ask: where is our country going? If those who are entrusted to fight crime are the ones who are landing behind bars for serious transgressions, what trust can we place in the police service?

It is very clear that corruption has penetrated all sections of society. It is now up to us to use our political clout to fight the cancer of corruption that is overwhelming us. With the president of our country himself potentially facing 700 criminal charges, is it any wonder that others in power are following in his footsteps and acting in contempt of the law.

Cope wants to see the law take its course. We want justice to prevail.

With xenophobia, rampant corruption, the steady erosion of the rule of law and piling national debt, in our country, the economy is being adversely affected and the jobless remain without any hope of gainful employment. This is a toxic mix that is creating social instability.

We need to fight corruption with all we have, or lose all that we have.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE, Dennis Bloem is COPE’s national spokesperson


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