EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters calls on the townships of KZN, in Ethekwini, and Gauteng from Tshwane to Sedibeng, Ekhuruleni to Westrand and in Johannesburg to mobilise against the killing of foreign African and Pakistani nationals in our communities. We call on our people to stop the killings because foreigners are not the enemy, neither are they the reason there is poverty, unemployment, drugs and landlessness. The reason why our country is poor, and its people subjected to landlessness and high levels of unemployment is due to the failed policies of the ANC and the entrenched interests of capitalists.

The killing of foreign nationals will never end our problems because even if they were to depart from our country, we will then turn on each other using tribalism, sexism or even regionalism. For as long as the ANC government does not implement the ideals of the Freedom Charter, we will remain poor, unemployed and humiliated in our own county.
The living conditions of the majority of black people in this country is the same as the living conditions of the people of Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan and other poor countries.

All those who blaming and killing people from other countries in the continent of Africa and Pakistan are cowards because they are afraid of the real oppressors; which is white monopoly capitalism. Those killing African people are cowards because they do not fight the ANC which is not building them houses, giving them land, giving them water, electricity and decent wages.

The EFF condemns violence against other Africans and Pakistanis with the shame it deserves. We further condemn the government of South Africa for not taking responsibility by explaining to our people that it is the reason for their poverty and degradation. Government should say it loud and clear that it is not foreign nationals that have failed our people, but its own policies, programs and actions.

Government must say it is out of its own doing, and not because of African people from the rest of the continent, that there is no electricity, water, land and jobs. Government must say it is the one that created conditions for why there is a proliferation of drugs like nyaope, high levels of crime and general lack of sporting and recreational facilities in our townships. The government must tell our people that, as government, it is the reason why tuck-shops are collapsing because, as government, they support big business and have neglected small business and left it to drown for more than twenty years of since 1994.

Let us stop killing Africans and other poor people; we need each other and we will always need each other.



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  1. It’s obvious that this xenophobic attacked malema and his party know it very well this is a political strategy used by him and others to continuing fighting against president and ruling party because they have seen now that attacking him with nkandla issue and spy tapes is not working for them also vavi is involved in this this thing is the same as marikana story lead by mathunjwa


  2. Issuing of statements by our leaders is not gonna help our country. Those people attacking foreign nationals must be arrested and told that when we were under the apartheid era our “THEN” leaders were all over the world in search of help. We have South Africans leaving in other countries, our doings puts their lives in danger.



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