Arrest the perpetrators of Xenophobia immediately – Mosiuoa Lekota


Congress of the People demands to know whether the callous and easily identified murderers of Emmanuel Sithole have been arrested and will be delivered to court immediately with all of the irrefutable evidence readily and easily available for instant prosecution.

We feel so sick, revolted and horrified at the brutal and unprovoked murder of an innocent man for no other reason than that he was a Mozambican. That he was a fellow African mattered not a jot.

Nothing less than swift and stern justice will suffice in the circumstances. For once the criminal justice system should show that the wheels of justice are capable of turning.

Under President Zuma, because of his own precarious legal position and constant fending off of criminal charges, consequences for illegal action have evaporated. People do not fear breaking the law because of the general malaise in the criminal justice system.

Pemmy Majodina and John Block, notwithstanding their abuse of state funds, are still in office. Hundreds of officials who violated the PFMA and the MFMA with irregular and crooked tenders remain unscathed and unpunished. Zola Tsotsi who is alleged to have wilfully bent procurement rules and incurred millions of rands of cost for Eskom, remains scot free and perhaps unduly enriched from exerting pressure for irregular processes. Murderers, most frighteningly, can take lives of innocent people because they fear no consequences.

Regardless of footage of wanton looting of foreign owned shops the Minister has sat on his behind and done nothing whatsoever to display any reach of the law. To him it has never been a priority. What a scandal!

President Zuma is tired and out of his depth. Moreover, he has no passion for rule of law and constitutionality. Under him, law and order have broken down.

If the government cannot act with energy and swiftness, it should resign. The lacklustre performance of this massive and costly government has created a great international liability for South Africa and has deeply ashamed all of us.

Tomorrow, I will be sending a letter to President Zuma to request the Presiding Officers of parliament to constitute a high-powered multi-party ad hoc committee to investigate what had happened and to bring forward recommendations for the cabinet to act on.

If we do not reign in the forces of anarchy now and if consequences don’t follow for what happened, the good story of President Zuma will become a living nightmare for all of us.

Issued by Mosiuoa Lekota on behalf of Cope, Mosiuoa Lekota is the President of COPE.

One thought on “Arrest the perpetrators of Xenophobia immediately – Mosiuoa Lekota”

  1. Xenophobia
    Hypocrisy: Insincerity, Double Standards, Pretence, Duplicity and Two-facedness.
    The face of hypocrisy is rearing its ugly head in our country in a subtle way not expected from people we put on a pedestal. People in politics, soccer stars, singers, artists and the rich. Xenophobia is forced on SA at the expense of the local people. Yes, it is forced because the current government went into exile to various African and other countries during their war with apartheid and now feels obligated to care for people from those countries that want to live and work in SA as a show of good faith and thankfulness.
    Politicians: How many people from SA went into exile into these different countries and for what period of time? Maybe a thousand for three years tops?
    Yet now these politicians want to allow 2 million plus foreigners to exploit the local population for an indefinite period by taking possibilities (training and financing a business) from the locals and allowing these foreigners to earn the income; an income that could boost the economy in the areas where the local population could have operated a business. The politicians are now crying foul because these countries are now threatening South Africans with expulsion.
    Who do they want to expel? Those that already earn a big income.
    Again, how many South Africans are working in these foreign countries and for whom are they working? They are not running small sidewalk shops like the foreigners do in SA; but big business that benefit the host country by employing local people. Are the foreigners in SA employing any local people or are they relying on their own countrymen to come to SA and work here beside them?
    Soccer stars: Do the soccer industry employ the amount of people that equals the foreigners total? No they don’t, but they insist that the foreigners be left in piece because xenophobia here will cause the other soccer countries to dis-allow SA soccer teams from playing there which translates to the soccer stars losing their high income. Again, how many soccer players are there compared to the millions of local population suffering? Then why must the stars and foreigners live a life of luxury compared to the local population living a poor lifestyle?
    Why do the local teams employ foreign players when other sport groups are on a quotas system? There are enough local players of quality to play in these positions.
    Artists: The same argument goes for artists. Why should they live a life of luxury and fame at the expense of the local unemployed? They should support the local population, because they are the people who support them here at home.
    The Rich: What shall I say? The business people operate large factories in foreign countries making use of local labour. This translates into a positive growth for that country, but what does SA see from the profit made? Trade relations will be the answer. Who benefits from these trade relations? The government and the rich.
    The drain: These foreigners not only impoverish the already poor by taking employment that could empower the local population, but they also abuse our health, education, justice and welfare systems. Tax money that could have been more wisely spend for the upliftment and benefit of South Africans. Then there is the accusation of drug smuggling and abusing our youth. The bible states that you as a host must help the stranger in your gates, but what if that stranger abuses your hospitality? The influx is uncontrolled and not one is screened for security reasons. The scream for economic relapse is only for the rich to get richer and the poor to be even poorer. The profits they make via South Africans go out of the country and do not contribute to our economy. I for one agrees, send them home. Charity starts at home.
    That brings me to the term “Hypocrisy” Meaning Insincerity, Double Standards, Pretence, Duplicity and Two-facedness. These are traits common to the groups mentioned. The leadership wants you to believe that they are doing everything within their power to empower you. Do you believe them?
    If by employing xenophobia as a tool to bring about prosperity and fairness to all South Africans, then I am for it. Why must the majority suffer at the expense of a few?
    Do not be deceived by the lie.


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