NTUC statement on recent Afrophobic attacks and Mayhem.

The National Trade Union Congress of South Africa (NTUC) denounces the recent xenophobic attacks which has struck the KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces respectively. This is yet another black on black violence propelled by improperly trained leaders who have engulfed the mannerism of white supremacist of associating blackness with bad things. The masses on the ground are not to be blamed in this instance as they have been produced by the very anti-black system that has equally produced their misleaders’.

The masses are led by schizophrenic leadership who will blame everything on themselves rather than facing the man behind their current upheaval. South African political leaders should all advocate for a proper political education of our people on a national scale through which proper political lessons are provided, so that our people are deterred from identifying themselves as foreigners or ‘kwerekweres while referring to Whites as tourists.
Our people should be taught not to identify themselves as their own enemy. Firstly, our people must appreciate the fact that they are operating under an anti-black arrangement which has no intensions of accommodating them.
Secondly, they must know that they are in a continuous war to overthrow the current system from its roots not to strengthen their positions within the system. Lastly, they need to understand that the white man-created black poverty is the root of all their social illnesses and should therefore invest their energy in resolving this problem rather than dealing with its symptoms.

Our land was not taken by our black brothers. Domestic workers, petrol attendants, security guards, retail workers and black professional at all levels are not exploited and uninterruptedly and unapologetically subordinated by our fellow black brothers and sisters but by the evil, greedy and egocentric white supremacists. These xenophobic outbreaks will bring nothing good to the African continent but a division among black people so that the perpetrators continue extracting our raw materials.

It should be noted that our challenges as a country have long been in existence prior to the influx of our African brothers and sisters into South Africa. Even if we are to send them packing, fact is the real opponent whose luxury is directly linked with our suffering, the white monopoly capital and its loyal bodyguards, the liberation movement still remains.
We further forgive all those black leaders who are equally calling for the blood of their own, instead we encourage them to advocate for unity and love amongst black people. Indeed, Bantu Steve Biko was right when he said, “black man you are on your own”.
NTUC is of a view that all bad things said thus far about our black relatives from other parts of Africa amounts to nothing compared to the devilish tendency of white supremacy on the black masses. Black pain might not be on the surface for everyone to see, but it is deep-seated and the victim has been trained to fight himself in an attempt to rid himself off the pain.
NTUC calls upon all black people in SA to stand together in fighting this anti-black system, so that this culture of self-hatred and self-destruction is not inculcated into our kids. We cannot continue fighting amongst ourselves instead of fighting this anti-black system which thrives on dividing and destroying us.
NTUC pledges its solidarity in continuous defence of the working class and African people in the continent and diaspora. Hence our motto “solidarity forever”.

NTUC is the only alternative!!!

Issued by the National Trade Union Congress Organizational Research and Communication team.


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. You guys will blame the whites for everything wont you ? thats a real immature attitude


  2. What a load of HOGWASH ! you cannot blame the whites for this, stop blaming others for your inadequacy



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