DSC_0222CIPC has collapsed, then Minister Rob Davies fires the Commissioner of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), Astrid Ludin.

Instead of congratulating the minister, the DA wants to challenge the minister.

I find this Odd.

DA must be careful in defending people purely on race basis. I believe DA has the potential, but their actions sometimes amaze me.

Comment by Sefu Sekgala


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  1. Is this supposed to be a full article? A couple of paragraphs of misinformation and racist accusations? There must surely be more, although it’s clear that you haven’t read the DA statement at all or even the news, but nobody was fired, although it is possible there was a witch hunt to have her replaced. And these are the questions the DA is asking. It’s not about colour for them, but proper procedure.


  2. OK, let’s take it for granted that the article is absolutely true; then the question WHY? How can you support an incompetent person? Have the DA given any reasons for this atrocity?


  3. Full story you twit? The DA work on facts.



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