The Economic Freedom Fighters welcomes the newly sworn in Members of Parliament, Commissars Mmabatho Mokause and Marshall Dlamini. Commissars Mmabatho Mokause and Marshall Dlamini are members of the EFF Central Command Team elected in the 1st National People’s Assembly and have been members of the EFF since the Organisation started in 2013. They have been deployed by the EFF to serve the working-class and the poor and advance their struggles for economic freedom. The new EFF MPs replace former members of the EFF who have been expelled from the party and parliament following a disciplinary process and a court ruling reaffirming the legitimacy of decisions taken to preserve organisational unity, discipline and the pursuit of revolutionary commitments towards economic freedom in our lifetime.

Commissar Mokause previously served as a Co-ordinator of the EFF in the Northern Cape and until recently was a Member of the Provincial Legislature. Commissar Dlamini served in the CCT from the beginning as a Commissar responsible for Fundraising and deployed to KwaZulu Natal. These Commissars have shown and demonstrated unwavering commitment to the EFF since the beginning and were part of the Policy Conference that preceded the National Assembly on “What is to be Done”, and also partook in the historic National Assembly of “What is to be Done”, which resolved to form the EFF as an economic emancipation movement of the people.

They both bring massive experience and commitment to the struggle for economic freedom and will continue to add value as members of parliament. The EFF has no doubt that these members will add the required value, militancy, radicalism and quality that has thus far defined all EFF Members of Parliament.

The EFF CCT and War Council will during the list replenishment process fill the remaining vacancies in Parliament before the end of May 2015 in order to ensure maximum participation in all Parliamentary duties. As a growing organisation and movement, we will continue to demonstrate to our voters and all South Africans that we are not a kind of an organization which will be locked down by unnecessary Court litigations and processes because everything we do is done with military precision and always satisfies the legitimate laws of the Republic and Parliament.

We wish the newly elected Members of Parliament well and confident that they will add carry forward the struggle for economic freedom.


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