DAThe Democratic Alliance will hold its sixth Federal Congress on 9 and 10 May 2015, at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Federal Congress is the highest decision-making body of the Party, and is made up of delegates who are ordinary members and public representatives from DA branches across the country. Congress is the only party structure that can elect the Federal Leadership of the party and make amendments to the party’s Federal Constitution.

Federal Congress and Federal Council are tasked with filling eight Federal Leadership positions. Under the current Federal Constitution, those positions elected by full Congress are: Leader, Federal Chairperson, and three Deputy Federal Chairpersons.

The Federal Council, which will meet on 10 May, elects the Chairperson of Federal Council, the Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council, and the Chairperson of the Federal Finance Committee.

Each of the elections will be conducted by secret ballot, and voting will be done using the single transferable voting system.

A total of 21 nominations have been received for the seven positions available. Any member of the party in good standing is allowed to be nominated, and nominations are in a member’s individual capacity and not on behalf of any branch or structure of the party.

The following members have been nominated for the positions described above:


Dr Wilmot James MP

Mr Mmusi Maimane MP

Mr Adrian Naidoo

Mr Morgan Oliphant

Federal Chairperson 

Mr Makashule Gana MP

Mr Masizole Mnqasela MPP

Mr Athol Trollip MPL

Deputy Federal Chairperson (three positions)

Councillor Michael Bond

Mr A.H. Maluleke

Mr Joe McGluwa MP

Dr Ivan Meyer MPP

Mr Stevens Mokgalapa MP

Ms Refiloe Ntsekhe MPL

Ms Desiree Van der Walt MP

Chairperson of Federal Council

Mr James Selfe (unopposed)

Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

Mr Anthony Benadie MPL

Mr Adrian Naidoo

Mr Thomas Walters MP

Chairperson of the Federal Finance Committee

Mr Alf Lees MP

Mr Dirk Stubbe MP

Mr Andricus Van der Westhuizen MP

Issued by DA

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