Today 27th April 2015 does not deserve a celebration at all – NTUC

National Trade Union CongressNTUC statement on celebrating 27th of April as freedom day.

The National Trade Union Congress of South Africa is of a view that this day does not deserve a celebration at all, simply because 21 years after the inauguration of the first democractically elected government, the living conditions of the poor haven’t changed. The only visible changes thus noted were the enlargement to the pockets of white monopoly capital, the ruling elite, their comrades and families.

NTUC regard this day as irrelevant due to a result of no apparent upliftment in the living conditions of the majority of the citizenry, the working class in particular, who are still economically enslaved.

It must be noted that we will forever embrace the struggles fought by our fallen heroes and heroines. Leaders such as Bantu Steve Biko, Robert Mangaliso sobukwe, Solomon Mahlangu, Onkgopotse Tiro, Tsietsi Mashinini, etc. Although sadly today, such struggles are being insulted by the incumbent ruling elite through the continuous looting of public funds resulting in poor service delivery. Such struggles continues to be insulted by inability of the current ruling party to get our communities out of poverty, hopelessness and helplessness.

The only so called freedom that we see is the right to move from the the township to the towns or cities (slavery world) to sell one’s labour power for little remuneration.Today, High unemployment, underemployment and expanded unemployement rates are amongst the current upheavals which characterizes our economy. Today Majority of the working class are still without land and/ or proper housing, those with land had to either be entrapped in a pool of debt or derive political means to secure government tenders to enable them to afford to buy the stolen land.

NTUC further reiterate this view as we hold it strongly that 1994 did not bring adequate change desired by our people. Nelson Mandela and the ANC government did not avoid any war, instead we remain with endless wars, war against high unemployment levels, a war against poverty, a war against poor education, a war against inequality. These wars continues to haunt our people everyday.

Majority of workers in South Africa still earn under R3 000.00 per month. Workers are subjected to unfair labour practice and discrimination in the workplace. Workers still operate under unsafe working conditions.

High inequality levels are deepening, leaving our people poorer every day and the government has done little to close this gap.

NTUC remains in solidarity with the working class and people of South Africa to ensure minimum wages across sectors of the economy. We further believe in the redistribution of wealth for the benefit of all.

NTUC is the only alternative!!!

Issued by the National Trade Union Congress Organizational Research and Communication team.

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