EFFThe Economic Freedom Fighters welcomes the confession of President Zuma that he is sick and needs healing. Zuma was addressing a state official Freedom Day event yesterday and lamented that there is sickness in Parliament. The EFF agrees with him because he is the sickness that has not only troubled Parliament but the entire political apparatuses of the state.

It has been proven over and over again that Zuma has a mental sickness when he argued that when members of parliament defy unjust rulings of the speaker they reflect an apartheid legacy. Only a leader with mental impediments could arrive at such a ridiculous conclusion. The only thing that resembles apartheid in parliament is the police brutality that his party unleashed on opposition MPs.

Only a sick man can continue to insist that Baleka Mbete’s rulings are worth respecting and complying with even when courts of law have dismissed them. What resembles apartheid in parliament is not the protest of MP who seek the truth against all odds, but the protection Zuma enjoys where police are called to assault MPs for asking questions.

Apartheid is the usage of the police to silence dissent. Apartheid is the unjust rules and rulings designed to protect corruption and limit accountability. Apartheid is the rulings that seek to suppress the truth that the ANC government massacred workers Marikana. Apartheid is telling MPs that they are not equal to the president before the law: that he is above all of us and is not subject to the rules of parliament, all in an attempt to protect him from being held accountable. Apartheid is when a Speaker of parliament says the courts of law cannot tell her what to do.

Therefore those who are sick in parliament and who need healing are not the ones opposing unjust rulings. The sick and degenerate people in parliament are the ones who are undoing democracy by using parliament to protect a corrupt man whose daily business is to run way from courts.

It is Zuma who needs a cure. He is morally, ethically and mentally sick. He resembles a patient of a psychiatric institution whose suffers from mythomania: the psychological condition where a person’s mental system totally rejects the truth and fact, and it is only comfortable with lies, distortion and fantasies. This sickness is what has paralysed him as a leader and there is no medicine that can help him except to be relieved from handling serous responsibilities.

The EFF will never comply with unjust rulings, laws and orders. Jacob Zuma must accept this fact because he will be confronted by it for the next five years in parliament benches.

Although he presided over a neoliberal project and had many weakness, President Mbeki was a far much better President that Jacob Zuma. On occasions of significant public holidays one could learn a lot from President Mbeki’s addresses about the African continent and the diaspora. The country would learn about the history, cultures and civilizations of the continent and our human connectedness.

However, with Jacob Zuma we learn nothing, and no one ever remembers bright ideas he spoke about or anything with educational impact. He is like the biblical Methuselah who lived the longest in the Bible, dying at 969 years of age. In all these years of living the only thing the Bible could say about him is that he gave birth to sons and daughters because he had no other important factor about his life for Biblical authors to write about.

We too shall tell our grandchildren that Zuma lived to be president of South Africa and had many children: nothing more to learn from him.


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  1. You are justified in terms of the constitution of the land to differ as an opposition politicians, however bashing on an individual leader of the party’s character is not enriching, nor adding any value. The problem with institutions of governance is that they need to be revamped in order to cater for society as opposed to political parties.

    An example is the Speaker of parliament, i support the argument that says the institution should be chaired by a professional non- partisan unbiased individual like a retired judge and or any specialist of note in society ie Mr Max Sisulu and or madame Ginwala were not legal persons but were a bit more credibble as Speakers. The same could be said of madame Mbete’s 1st term although her third term as speaker has been more of an aspirant president for a political party more than that of government and parliament of the Republic.


  2. The EFFs obsession with Zuma is embarrasing. Beyond the ‘pay back the money’ charade, it does not look like the clowns in red overalls have anything more to offer SAns. Continuing to pick on Zuma when your leader is mired in controversies about his source/s of income symbolises the infantile disorder of the EFF leadership.



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