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With the much awaited cabinet reshuffle on the cards, to fill the vacancy left by the passing away of Minister of Public Service and administration, Collins Chabane, who died in a motor car accident few weeks ago, there are those who are desperate to catch the attention of the President to fill the vacany.

It is therefore, hardly surprising, that a non- performer such as Mathole Motshekga, will ramp up his disgraceful behaviour to impress No 1 and the bosses at Luthuli house.

Mr Motshekga is known for his dismal performance. He was disgracefully removed as Premier of Gauteng. After that he was deployed to national parliament. Here again he was unceremoniously removed as Chief whip of the ruling party. After that he was demoted to the back benches, After the May elections last year, he was appointed as chairperson of the Justice portfolio committee. This committee is on the slippery slopes..

His disgraceful lack of decorum and his unwarranted attack on the Public Protector is clearly a ploy to catch attention.

The late Minister Chabane was an intelligent and hardworking minister. Those are big shoes to fill. If a light weight such as Motshekga hopes to fill those big shoes, he will not come up to scratch if he lived to be a hundred. He hasn’t got it. Whoever replaces the late Chabane will have to have a comparable intelligence.

Rudeness will not take Motshekga anywhere.

Cope believes that he should go on retirement. We want to see him removed as chairperson of the Justice portfolio committee.

We urge the Speaker to act with speed, to avoid further damage to the good name of the Justice Portfolio Committee..

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE, Dennis Bloem is COPE’s national spokes person

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