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COPE, Limpopo, celebrated workers’ day at Vhembe, Madombidzha. The Deputy President, Willie Madisha, gave the keynote address. We had good attendance.

The workers who were gathered there resolved that as workers they will –

no longer accept excuses for serial high unemployment as this is having serious repercussions on communities;

continue the struggle of workers in RSA considering the proud history it has and the successes it scored;

strive, harder than before, for the attainment of a living wage to meet the cost of living;

demand the right to enjoy the fruits of democracy because they participated in the struggle;

never be subservient to any party in power;.

support independent trade unions because thereby they will improve leave for workers, permanency of jobs, improved conditions of work, and solutions to difficulties encountered by workers;

unite against tendencies of tribalism in government and state owned institutions;

campaign vigorously for the end of corruption within the ruling party as this is taking bread out of the mouths of the poor;

contest the practice of the ruling party to give jobs only to members of their party;

take up the fight to ensure that leaders of independent unions are not threatened or murdered by those who seek to preserve their hegemony over the workers of RSA;

campaign for educators to get better remuneration and the proper tools of their trade;

apply sustained pressure on government to get quality service delivery for neglected communities as this is having a detrimental effect on the workers and their families; and

highlight the plight of young people who are suffering because of a very long period of going jobless.

COPE will support workers in the demands listed above. The problems are not theirs alone. All of us are affected and society suffers as a result.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE, Dennis Bloem is COPE’s national spokes person

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