Mmusi Maimane part of a sex ring within the DA – Anonymous source within DA

Mmusi MaimaneDA parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane has denied claims from an anonymous source within the party that he’s part of a sex ring that demanded sexual favours from the party’s female staff in exchange for positions.

Maimane and five other married DA leaders (whom the email names the Mmusi-Athol-John-Gavin-Paul team) were implicated in this sexual misconduct.

“There are men in the DA who have made it their pastime to choose women in the party to be their playthings.”

In an interview yesterday, Maimane said the timing of this smear campaign was no coincidence, given that he was running for the party’s national leadership next week.

“The allegations are malicious, evil and intent on damaging me.”

This article was published by Destiny Man on the 4th of May 2015

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  1. Ojejefo

     /  May 5, 2015

    This is plain nonsense. How can mini Obama be part of a sex ring???

    The person behind this smear campaign is not very bright, at all.



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