DA celebrates Verwoerd at its Congress and Black DA members clap hands and cheers on – Malaika Mahlatsi

Malaika MahlatsiAllister Sparks, a respected journalist and biographer, openly and without shame, asserts, at a congress of the Democratic Alliance, that he regards Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid, as one of the smartest leaders Africa has seen.

Black members of the DA, who, daily, endure the violence of an anti-Black society, sit there and clap. They CLAP.

Verwoerd is responsible for architecting the systematic violence that is responsible for the ongoing disenfranchisement and dehumanisation of a historically marginalised Black majority.

And yet here is a man, speaking at a congress of a party that is enjoying an increased Black support, so boldly celebrating this Verwoerd, and the people who know too well the violence of Verwoerd’s creation, sit there like paralyzed people, taking in this massacre of their very humanness.

Black people will never cease to boggle the mind.

Comment by Malaika Mahlatsi

7 thoughts on “DA celebrates Verwoerd at its Congress and Black DA members clap hands and cheers on – Malaika Mahlatsi”

  1. You are so stupid! You can review that speech, there is not a single person who clapped hands when Sparks was saying his opinion on leaders(not only Verwoerd) that were smart, secondly he didn’t say Verwoerd was a ” Smartest leader Africa has seen”, thirdly DA is selecting new leaders, celebrating its achievements and outstanding work that has been done by Hellen Zille on clean governance, and firmness against corrupt leaders. You must not seek attention to the ANC by changing an opinion of one person and associate it with the Conference, I must state by the way that, I don’t agree with the opinion that Verwoerd was smart.


    1. Well its a question of black people not being comfortable with themselves who go and seek affirmation by joining a white party. I still beleive that black man you are on your own!


  2. malaika u are stupid. SPARKS is not in DA leadership and his views cannot e associated with DA conference. in fact Mmusi condemned the Verwoerd remarks


  3. The DA is not a white party. How can a white party’s have a black leader? Alister Sparks is a white journalist and not a DA leader.


  4. @AdvDali_Mpofu: That genius Verwoerd brought us Bantu Education,homelands,Group Areas,dompas,banned organisations,hangings,etc.What a jolly “smart” fellow!!


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