Announcement of DA Federal Leadership – DA

DAThe Democratic Alliance held its sixth Federal Congress this weekend, 9 and 10 May 2015, at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Federal Congress and Federal Council are tasked with filling eight Federal Leadership positions. Under the current Federal Constitution, those positions elected by full Congress are: Leader, Federal Chairperson, and three Deputy Federal Chairpersons.

As part of the voting process, the Federal Council elected the Chairperson of Federal Council, the Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council, and the Chairperson of the Federal Finance Committee.

Elections were conducted by secret ballot, and voting was done using the single transferable voting system.

The following people have been elected to the positions described above:


Mr Mmusi Maimane MP

Federal Chairperson

Mr Athol Trollip MP

Deputy Federal Chairperson (three positions)

Dr Ivan Meyer MPP

Ms Refiloe Ntsekhe MPL

Ms Desiree van der Walt MP

Chairperson of Federal Council

Mr James Selfe MP (unopposed)

Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

Thomas Walters MP

Chairperson of the Federal Finance Committee

Alf Lees MP

Issued by DA

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