Mmusi? Congratulations – Mosiuoa Lekota


Congress of the People congratulates Mmusi Maimane and the newly elected leadership of the Democratic Alliance.

We are very encouraged by the fact that 21 years of non-racialism in our country is consolidating.

We trust that we will have a good working relationship with the new leadership. South Africa at present is facing many serious challenges and if cooperation amongst us grows, we can indeed mobilise more effectively against poverty, joblessness, inequality, corruption and crime.

Mosiuoa Lekota
COPE President

One thought on “Mmusi? Congratulations – Mosiuoa Lekota”

  1. Congradulation Mmuisi we hope you will set a good track record and you will not rest untill SA is free from corruption etc, you will avail your self in all corners of SA, people needs young energetic like and lastly I advise you to make sure that your party creates branches as much as it can maybe one I will join it


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