We have adopted a Values Charter – DA

DADo you want to live in a free and fair South Africa with access to opportunities for all?

A more equal South Africa where the barriers of the past have once and for all been removed?

A country where people are safe from crime?

A country that is dynamic and vibrant with a growing economy creating millions of jobs?

Then become part of #Vision2029 and join our movement to build one nation with one future.

Values Charter

At our Federal Congress on 9 May 2015 we adopted a values charter to make #Vision2029 a reality.

The Charter shows that we stand together with all South Africans who share a community of values summed up by the following words:

Freedom. Fairness. Opportunity.

Our Values Charter is inspired by the extraordinary potential of the South African people.

And it will inspire all that we do as we strive to work together with you to create a better South Africa.

To read the full Values Charter click here.

Join us in making #Vision2029 a reality and help to build one nation with one future underpinned by Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all.

Issued by DA

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