ANC Celebrates the 70 years of african claims document and defeat of Fascism and Nazism – ANC

ANCWe join the rest of the world in celebrating the memories of the decisive defeat of fascism 70 years which threatened to consume the world at the hands of Nazism. We also take this moment to remember the role of African soldiers in world war 2 (WW2). While we together with the world celebrate victory of the allied forces today, as the ANC we celebrate the African Claims document adopted by the ANC in Bloemfontein in 1943. This document was championed by the ANC following the Atlantic Charter as its contribution to develop a nation centered on values that sought to undermine the negative impact of racial domination that had been rejected by the world. We take pride in the work done by our forebears 70 years ago which led to the drawing of the Freedom Charter.

The ANC remains committed to the ideals captured in the African Claims document which found deeper expression in the Freedom Charter as a confirmation by our people in 1955. As the ANC, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to serving our people and the nation on principles of African Claims document as a precursor to the Freedom Charter.

Issued by Zizi Kodwa on behalf of ANC, Zizi Kodwa is ANC’s National spokesperson

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