Malaika Mahlatsi

I actually refuse to be told by an ANC member that Mmusi Maimane is a defender of White privilege. I will not accept this rhetoric, because in reality, there’s no greater defender and protector of White privilege than the ANC.

That party is shameless in how it perpetuates the structural violences that Black bodies suffer in the hands of White supremacy. That party whose Deputy President is literally a beneficiary of the blood of Black people. The same man who encouraged the deployment of police to Marikana, when he had been informed that the logical conclusion to the conflict between miners and Lonmin executives is to unleash terror on the miners? This is the one that wants to speak on protecting White privilege?

This is an ANC whose deployed Minster of Defense to unleashed an army in hostels when Blacks were killing each other as a result of an untransformed economy that it presides over.

Instead of addressing real structural challenges, it would rather protect White privilege from legitimate Black rage by militirising hostels, the epitome of apartheid structural planning. It doesn’t even recognise the irony that it is using violent state machinery to quell systematic Black-on-Black violence in areas that are themselves perfect photographs of violence against Black humanity, violence which it not only maintains, but recreates in establishing post-apartheid informal settlements like Diepsloot where everything that epitomises the existential crisis of Blackness finds expression. Black people have been violated more by actions of the ANC as an institution than by the election of some 34 year old liberal man.

So I, Malaika Lesego Samora Mahlatsi, absolutely refuse to be told how Mmusi is a defender of Whiteness by anyone who pledges allegiance to the equally reactionary ANC in whose hands we have suffered the most beastly of violences. I refuse.

Whatever the weaknesses of Mmusi are – and there are many – they do not legitimise ANC members claiming moral authority. Members of the ANC must not claim moral righteousness here. They must not present their party as some defender of Black humanity because it is NOT.

Article by Malaika Mahlatsi

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  1. At least we know where come from,keep ur stupid anti Anc philosophy to urself. Why would the Deputy president order the killing of ppl he fought for during struggle of liberation? Whe was it necessary for miners to be invisible and armed? Who should be killed,police and those whp dd nt join the strike?Please tell us something better,surely u can.


  2. Sydney, you need serious help if your buy into the theory of the miners being armed and police shooting at them in “self defense”. I encourage you to school yourself on the facts before you make such ignorant and inaccurate comments particularly on the Marikana issue. Turn off the bloody news and read! You seem to be the type that swallow ZANC propaganda like a birth control pill and you clearly are one of those corporate controlled media victims. Whilst at it, I suggest YOU tell us something different cause clearly you are not saying anything worthwhile and substantial to refute Malaika’s viewpoint


  3. Thami. We have to be careful and patient with people like Sydney. He/she is most probably “those who get their information from the “trusty news”. He is a sad case and needs not be entertained. My sister Malaika, Salute!


  4. oh dear God help Sydney and his brain or the lackthereof and the like minded.With people like Sydney we have a long freaking way to go.Educate yourself brother/sister!!!



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