DA calls on ANC to march on Luthuli House over Soweto Eskom concerns – DA

DAFollowing 10 straight hours of load-shedding in Soweto on Friday, the ANC is today marching against themselves like the snake that eats its own tail when cornered.

The fact is the ANC are marching to ANC-governed Eskom, in an ANC-run province and an ANC-run city.

Load-shedding is no one else’s fault, except the ANC.

Load shedding is proudly brought to South Africa by the ANC.

Soweto residents are right to be concerned about load-shedding and electricity prices.

While our lights go out daily, ANC-governed Eskom want to increase electricity prices by 25% to fund their mismanagement.

But it is the ANC who have run Eskom’s finances into the ground.

In the 7 years since load-shedding began Eskom executives have made R63 million in bonuses, with an additional R11 million paid out last year.

It is the ANC that have insisted Eskom remains the supplier of 95% of our power even though they can’t deliver.

The DA calls on the ANC to march to Luthuli House instead.

They must demand from themselves an end to the Eskom monopoly, an end to the bonuses and mismanagement, and an end to unaffordable electricity price hikes.

Issued by Phumzile van Damme on behalf of DA, Phumzile van Damme is DA National Spokesperson

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