DAThe DA notes the decision by the ANC today to install Danny Jordaan as a new mayor in Nelson Mandela Bay, as nothing more than a pre-election gimmick by a party that has lost the confidence of the people.

No matter the public face of the ANC in Nelson Mandela Bay, it will still be the same party that has dragged the City to its knees.

Clearly the ANC is running scared. They have failed in government and cannot find a suitable Mayor among their own members in Council.

Under the ANC, Nelson Mandela Bay is in the grips of a water crisis, where our infrastructure is so neglected that over 40% of water is wasted from broken pipes and pumps.

Our public transport in Nelson Mandela Bay is in chaos as the ANC bungles the bus system and lets paid-for busses rot in a storage yard.

We see businesses suing Nelson Mandela Bay for the ANC government’s punitive approach to electricity tariffs.

Under the ANC, Nelson Mandela Bay has seen investors pull out, and basic services break down in communities.

There is no new face to the ANC that can repair the deeply-rooted governance failures in Nelson Mandela Bay.

In next year’s local government elections the DA is set on winning Nelson Mandela Bay and finally bringing good governance to this Metro.

Issued by Athol Trollip on behalf of DA, Athol Trollip is DA Federal Chairperson and Leader of the Opposition in the Provincial Legislature

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  1. But you still feel that it’s important to respond to their gimmick#joke



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