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The National Trade Union Congress of South Africa dismisses with contempt the recent frivolous and misleading utterances labeled towards the radical union NTUC by an individual as named above.This individual alleges that recently there has been attacks towards the EFF through open letters.

In light of these allegations, NTUC would like to state it categorically clear that such has never materialized since our inception as a trade union. Our position had always been to represent workers and their interests in the workplace. Hence we took an apolitical position to ensure that no political interference shall prevail in our struggle as workers. NTUC has not been involved In any political point scoring or name calling, especially that which relates to the EFF and its recent political scandals of member expulsions and allegations of 100m being paid to certain individual as suggested by this individual.

In realization of existing gaps in workers representation NTUC was formed. This was in accordance with the labour relations Act no. 66 of 1995 as amended, which allows and gives rights to workers to form or join a trade union of their choice. NTUC was not formed in any bit to destroy any political party as alleged, hence it was instigated during its inception and constitutional development that we will not align ourselves with any political party but our members have full rights of joining a political party of their choice.

NTUC is a well organized union led by outstanding leaders with labour experience, political credentials and, academics from different fields and sectors of the SA economy. NTUC represents more than ten thousand members from different sectors of the economy. NTUC is well established and it’s making impact throughout South African companies where workers are represented under its banner. Such companies range from sectors such as retail, public and private, petrol attendant, hospitals, farm workers,cleaners and Etc.

In conclusion, NTUC reaffirms its position to unapologetically and without favor always be on the side of workers in good and bad times, and we remain united in the fight to overthrow the current anti – black workers system. Our fight is further against inequality, poor working conditions, unfair discrimination and low salaries of workers.

Solidarity forever!

NTUC is the only alternative!!!

Issued by the National Trade Union Congress.

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  1. I m impressed by this response,these eff leaders needed somebody to put them at their rightful place. They were trying to carve their way into NTUC,thumsbs up!!NTUC stand your ground. Otherwise u would be swarmed by a bunch anarchists to bulldoze u to fighting their battles with the ruling party just like they did when they hijacked a tragic event at Marikana and turned it into a poltical launch,u r the only apolitical labour federation here,please represent the aspirations of workers and u ll go places.



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