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The Inkatha Freedom Party dismisses with outrage the Police Minister Nathi Nhleko’s report on Nkandla.

Inkatha Freedom Party’s Chief Whip in Parliament, Hon. Narend Singh, MP, said, ”The recommendations made in the report insult the intelligence of all South Africans. The fact that the IFP did not support the recommendations of the ad hoc committee are now totally justified, because we always believed that having somebody who is a part of the executive conduct an investigation would lead to these kind of findings. This is tantamount to Colonel Sanders asking his chickens to vote on whether or not they would like to be slaughtered.”

Mr Singh further said that,” We have always mooted for an independent investigation and relied heavily and still rely on the findings made by the Public Protector.”

Issued by IFP

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  1. Totally agree anyone with half a brain can see through this drivel nhleko is feeding us,it s a damn disgrace



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