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Africa for Africans is a very famous slogans traceable from Marcus Garvey generation and came to be known in the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC).

In the PAC, we have always called for the unity of African people ere the unity of states, one of our first aim is to do exactly that and then crush the white supremacy espoused today in every corner of our country as well as our beautiful continent.

When the Organisation of African Union (AU) was launched in 1963 May 25th, our ancestors thought that by this far, we would have reached the liberation and not pursuing and advocating capitalism through charming and catchy concept like democracy and freedom. We never spoke of freedom, we spoke of liberation, we spoke of justice and that is to radically correct the incorrect but that has never happened.

Africa has been characterised by corrupt leaders who have always conformed to the West while arrogantly ignoring the poor African masses.

There is no a single African head of state who ever publicly came into defence of Zimbabwean president, they are afraid because investment will be relinquished and that result in other countries being deemed superpowers and ultimately weaken countries in the pseudo third-world.

Africa is deliberately been targeted for political crisis, it is true that ample countries benefit enormously from Africa’s underdevelopment.


Africa have been held in ransom by the powerful West and this result negatively towards the development of mother Africa. We are hoping that AU under the leadership of Robert Mugabe will conduct self-introspection and see if the founding values and philosophies are still found in there. We are saying that Pan Africanism is the only cure to Africa’s conundrums.

Like Europe is for the Europeans, China for Chinese so must be Africa for Africans.


Issued by PAC


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